Loving My New Actifry

January 23, 2013

TweetLike so many, my New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, get in shape, and eat healthier. It’s not that I eat really unhealthy, but there is always room for improvement. I’m continuing my Zumba regimen, which I love and I am now using My Fitness Pal to keep track of my calories and daily […]

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Bealls Removes Bealls Bucks and Discounts

December 18, 2012

TweetI was informed yesterday as I was trying to make a purchase at Bealls Department Store in Hudson, Florida that the Operations Manager has demanded some changes….changes which no one will tell you about except for me. I laid out my over $100.00 purchase on the counter and handed the lady my 20% off coupon […]

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Is Lack of Parenting Contributory to Mass Murderers

December 17, 2012

TweetNot more than a couple hours pass that I don’t think about the tragedy at Sandy Hook School. Its incomprehensible how things like this can happen, how a person can do something this horrific. I keep hearing things like Aspersers, autism, mental illness and other psychological diseases being thrown around. While no one can be […]

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Missing the Blinking Tree

December 5, 2012

TweetThis blog may seem a little strange to all of you, but to me, someone who really isn’t a huge Christmas person, obviously there are just some things about Christmas that are a must. One of those things is the blinking lights on a Christmas tree. As much as I hate to crawl into the […]

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Customer Service Not What It Use To Be

October 3, 2012

TweetMaybe I’m just old school, but I actually remember the days when businesses set out to keep your business, not lose it. They valued their loyal customers and made it clear to you just how valued you are. That doesn’t seem to be the normal anymore. Do you remember the day when banks wanted you […]

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The Political Education Debate 101

September 25, 2012

TweetA couple weeks ago when my grandchildren were starting school, my daughter had a list of supplies that she had to buy. I was shocked to see what was all on that list. 70 pencils, 25 boxes of crayons, flash cards, reams of paper, boxes of tissue, 10 folders and on and on. Never would […]

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First Data Not What They Seem (Updated)

September 4, 2012

TweetI’m not a fan of big corporations because I feel like they just take advantage of people. They lack a huge amount of compassion for the real working people. They sit up there in their big offices and take advantage of their positions. Never has this been more true than the story that you are […]

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Ryan’s Hope, an American Tragedy

August 28, 2012

TweetI guess I could go out and make a movie slamming presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and Robin, I mean Paul Ryan, but I neither have the time or money to do it, so, for anyone who wants to know what they don’t want you to know, read on. If you aren’t interested in learning the […]

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The Medicare Debate Seniors Need to Know Facts

August 17, 2012

TweetAs an older person approaching medicare in less than a decade, I feel it’s my duty to really inform senior citizens about what they are facing for future Medicare costs and coverage. There is a huge political debate going on right now, and just to clarify, I am neither a Democrat nor Republican. I vote […]

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Day 5 and 6 Complete my Diet

August 16, 2012

TweetDay 5 on the diet was one I had to get creative with. You can only have tomatoes and meat. My choice was turkey for both lunch and dinner. I started off my day with sliced tomatoes, salted and peppered. That was fine. I like them that way and they were sort of a refreshing […]

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