Dirty Playing Off the NFL Field

by Cindy on September 18, 2014

nflIf you haven’t heard or read about all the domestic violence towards women and even children by NFL players now being exposed then you haven’t turned on a radio or tv or looked at the internet. It’s rampant, and if you are naïve enough to think this is something new, then you probably own some swamp land in California too. This time a player was exposed, in fact, more seem to be added daily. With video cameras everywhere and the social media, the violence perpetrated off the field by these players is now becoming made public. It’s no longer able to be covered up by the NFL, the players or law enforcement.

Domestic violence has been around as long as man has been. Long ago it was accepted because women and children were inferior to men. That isn’t the case anymore. There are hundreds if not thousands of organizations out there to help women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. There are harsher laws and consequences for the perpetrators. And women are no longer accepting it. They are speaking out. What was once taboo to talk about is no longer shameful, after all, it is not the women or child that should be ashamed, it’s the man who does this horrendous act.

As for the NFL, shame on them. They obviously had no real defined action to take against a player accused of domestic violence. Of course not, it was well hidden and they never expected a video of a player hauling back and punching their partner in the face and knocking them out, then dragging them out of the elevator like Ray Rice did. They never expected Adrian Peterson would have an ex file charges against him for beating a 4 year old with a switch to become so public.

Since 2005 there have been 12 NFL players charged with Domestic violence. These are just the ones that are known about. I’m quite sure there are others that were either paid off or covered up, or the law looked the other way. But the NFL has a responsibility to their fans, both male and female, to their owners and to the other players to ensure that domestic violence will not be tolerated, a zero policy. So, where is that policy? Why has the great Roger Goodell not instituted this policy in the past? This is a man that will suspend a player for 6 games that is “accused” of a crime without any charges or proof, however, will give a mere slap on the hand of a 2 game suspension to a player that is charged with domestic violence and there is video to back it up. What kind of leader is he? He isn’t God. He should not be allowed to just make up the rules as the game is played.

So, where does the NFL stand on Domestic violence exactly? Some of the team owners won’t tolerate it, others look past it with an excuse that says the law will take care of it (this is because they need that player to actually win a game).

Is the NFL and Roger Goodell so chauvinistic that they think smacking around a women (which makes up close to 40% of their fan base) and even little kids is ok as long as the player doesn’t get caught and make it to the news media. From my view that’s what it looks like. They think someone smoking a joint is so horrific but go ahead, KO a woman in an elevator. Will the team owners step up and ask Goodell to resign? Are you kidding me, he made them billionaires, they aren’t asking him to go anywhere, they have their priorities too…money.

Shame on all of them. People need to stand together, get Roger Goodell out, and make the NFL a safe place for women and children. These overpaid bully’s need to see what it’s like to live in the real world and not be protected by Goodell and the NFL.

Hey Roger, this isn’t the 19th century, women aren’t standing for your erratic stance on domestic violence. We are demanding more.


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