I Survived ASE13 and Philadelphia

by Cindy on August 23, 2013

It’s now 2 days since my return from the Affiliate Summit in Philadelphia, my mind and body are finally getting back to normal so it’s time to let you all in on the fun times and not so fun times I had.

If you read the blog prior to this, you probably got the feeling that I wasn’t real excited to be visiting the city of the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick. Thank heaven the place wasn’t plastered with his picture everywhere, probably with good reason. I’m thinking there are as many people there that dislike him as much I do, but, I digress.

Like all big cities, Philadelphia has it high points and low points. The downside, it’s a bit dirty and smelly. Certain areas of the sidewalks permeated a really nasty smell, like sewer, and unfortunately, I had a lot of walking over those sidewalks (read on). They had some fabulous restaurants and a huge place called The Reading Terminal Market. That place is impressive. Over 80 restaurants and bakeries under one roof. If you couldn’t find anything to eat there, you weren’t hungry. On my last evening there we ate at Turkey, and it was excellent. I would highly recommend it.

The Marriott Hotel I stayed at had the best service and nicest staff I think I have ever encountered at a hotel. The free lemonade at registration is pretty awesome too, and the little old man who ran over to get it for me every time I went near it was so cute. He was determined that I wouldn’t serve myself.

The Affiliate Summit this year, unlike any others I remember, was not held directly at the hotel, but at the convention center. Unless you have actually been to Philadelphia you can’t get the full impact of the convention center which is like 100 city blocks long (I jest), it just seemed like it. My first trek to the registration booth, the employees at the Marriott took us through the inside. It literally took a half hour to get there. As much as I like exercising and need the walking, this is not really convenient for those back to your room trips during the day which all of us attending Affiliate Summits have become accustomed too. However, after several attempts, I was directed to a much shorter walking distance through the outside, along the streets (see above about the nasty smells). However, it was a trade off, and thank heaven the weather cooperated.

Saturday evening was a bus ride through historic Philadelphia, and it was full of history. So much I felt my head exploding with the name Benjamin Franklin. To be quite honest, I don’t really like history, or care much about the past, the future is much more important to me, and the only reason I agreed to the tour was because I wanted to run the Rocky steps. And I did. I was actually surprised how easy it was, of course, I didn’t do 150 times, I did it once, that was good enough for me. I also was also able to get up close and personal with the Rocky statue. Fun times.

Sunday started the Affiliate Summit (ASE13) and lots of Philly pretzels, networking, educational seminars, Philly pretzels, swag being stuffed in my bag, sore feet, and did I mention the Philly pretzels?

All in all it was a really successful Summit for my company, Greg Hoffman Consulting and me. I was able to renew old friendships (Kim, Amy, Heather and so many more) and form new ones (Laura). I made contact with new affiliates who have already signed up with our programs and was able to spend some time with my daughter who owns Sunshine Rewards along with several other sites. I sat at breakfast with the fabulous Will Reynolds which was awesome.

A huge thanks to Missy Ward and Shawn Collins for another great Affiliate Summit. I always get to take home more than just pens, socks (thanks aWeber) and ShareASale T-shirts. I get to take home the pride that comes along with being an Affiliate Marketer.

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Shawn Collins August 23, 2013 at 7:26 pm

Great to see you in Philadelphia. No mention of cheesesteaks?

This setup was an experiment – we’ve been focused on running the show in hotels, because we love the community and convenience it brings, but there wasn’t a hotel that could fit our needs there.


Cindy August 23, 2013 at 7:32 pm

I guess not many people mentioned Philly Cheese steaks to someone who doesn’t eat meat. LOL But pretzels, I’m a huge fan. Good to try something different, now you know.


Tricia Meyer August 23, 2013 at 10:02 pm

I think I would have found the trip much more enjoyable if I had not been hobbling around and high on pain meds. LOL All things considered though, I actually enjoyed all of the history of the city. That was one of my favorite parts. And that market was FABULOUS! The walk ended up being a lot shorter than we initially thought and the staff at the hotel were some of the nicest ever. I liked the quick flights in and out, too.

Aside from travel, I really liked having Wil Reynolds as the keynote. I try to never miss his sessions, and that made it perfect. I got at least one thing out of every session I attended (which is my goal). Plus some great meeting with merchants.

All in all, a success!


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