My Biggest Challenge at ASE13

by Cindy on July 31, 2013

It’s getting to be that time of the year again when I’ll be heading off to Affiliate Summit. This year, sad to say, New York is not going to be the hosting city. Instead, the East coast Affiliate Summit this year is being held in Philadelphia.

Being a Pittsburgh girl and a huge Steelers fan and animal advocate, even thinking of Philadelphia leaves a little bitter taste in my mouth. (For those of you that aren’t football fans, their local team is the Eagles with Michael Vick, the dog killer).

Really to many it may sound stupid, but I just dislike this city so much because of this that overcoming that feeling that I want to get off the plane with a Steelers shirt on and banner that says Michael Vick is a dog killer is tough. However, this is a business trip and I need to be on my best behavior, which we all know isn’t politically correct anyway.

Instead, I’m concentrating on two things, and no not the Philly cheese steaks. One, the knowledge and renewed friendships I always experience at Affiliate Summit, and secondly, wondering if I’ll be able to make it up the steps at full run like Rocky, which would certainly be easier if Sly was running alongside me.

If you are attending Affiliate Summit (ASE13) and want to join me in the run, give me a shout. If you just want to stand at the bottom and laugh at me trying to make it up the steps, go ahead, karma will get you. If you really want to be a friend though, be at the top of the steps with an oxygen mask, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it.

If you aren’t signed up for Affiliate Summit and you are a blogger, or have a website that you would like to learn how to monetize, you should attend the Conference. It’s the ultimate way to gain all the knowledge you will ever need about affiliate marketing and how you can prosper from it.

Or you might want to sign up just to come see me run up the steps. Never underestimate us old people.

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