Florida Dog and Cat Groomer Brings it To Your Home

by Cindy on June 10, 2013

You hear all the horror stories of dogs and cats being beaten or even worse killed while at the groomers. While I was a groomer for a lot of years I can say that indeed it does happen. I fired many groomers when I saw them lose their temper with a dog or cat. It was not tolerated in my shop; however, unfortunately it is tolerated in shops where no one thinks you are looking.

Here are some tips for finding a groomer.

1.      Check their references

2.      Do not leave your pet in shop where you cannot see it being groomed. Too much goes on behind those walls.

3.      Cheap isn’t always better, in fact, if that’s all the groomer feels their grooming is worth, that’s probably true.

4.      What does the facility look like? Clean? Smell ok? Cages too small? Overcrowded?

5.      The groomers appearance also makes a statement, do they look professional. Is their equipment professional looking?

6.      How did your pet act when you took it into the shop. They have a sense about them you should listen to.

7.      How did your pet act when you picked them up? Did you get to meet the groomer or just a receptionist? Always meet the groomer. Get all the details before and after the grooming.

One of the best ways to monitor your pets grooming is to have an in-home or mobile groomer come to your house. Sometimes they may be $5.00 more expensive. But let’s face it; you can’t start your car for that anymore. Plus the time it saves you dropping off and picking up your pet and all the in between calls to make sure your pet is ready.

There is one groomer in particular that I would recommend in the Pasco and Hernando County area. She’s been grooming for 19 years. You won’t find anyone that knows the best way to handle your dog and take care of your pet’s coats. She has special products that other groomers have never even heard of.  Her spa treatments help calm your pet which in turn makes their grooming more enjoyable.

Here is a link to Kelly Morgans Facebook page Homespa4paws. Call today for an appointment, you will be glad you did.


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