A Diet is a Diet and No Fancy Name Hides That

by Cindy on February 13, 2013

A lot of you know that I am trying to lose weight, and no matter how you cut it, say it or cover it, it’s a diet. Sure, it’s a change of lifestyle eating, but bottom line, it’s a diet.

Along this journey though I’ve found some really interesting foods that I would have never eaten before not only because I didn’t know about, but because they just did not appeal to me.

The first would be Lean Pockets. To me, even looking at a Hot Pockets commercial made me want to hurl. They just look, well, nasty to me. But, when you see pretzel bread and jalapeno cheese and 270 calories splashed across the cover of a box, you have to give it a second look, and in my case, a try. So, I did. I tried the Lean Pockets chicken and jalapeno cheese pretzel pocket. Heat it up for a couple minutes, its delicious, and pretty filling too. Put a small side with it like pickles or some applesauce and you have a less than 300 calorie lunch.

Another surprisingly good food was the spaghetti squash. I love sweet potatoes, zucchini and all kinds of squash, but eating it in place of a spaghetti noodle just didn’t sound right to me. So, naturally, I had to try it for myself. Instead of spaghetti sauce though, I thought perhaps an Alfredo might do a bit better with it, you know, a little cheesy covering instead of a tomato sauce on yet another vegetable. I was right. The Classico Lite Alfredo at 55% less calories over the spaghetti squash, a few grilled shrimp and a tablespoon of fresh parm was delicious, and filling. This makes a fabulous dinner and sticks with you all night.

Now naturally I have to include a dessert in this. Not that I’m a huge dessert eater but it seems like when you are dieting, you want dessert more than any other time, so I scoured the internet and talked to people about several different recipes, and believe me, there are tons out there. The one thing I really missed was my Cherry Chip cake. That happens to be my favorite, so much, that because you can’t even find the box mixes in my area, I have them sent down from Ohio and Indiana. I have a cabinet stocked full of them, well, at least I use to. But, let’s face it, cake is fattening, no matter how you cut it. And icing, it makes it even worse. However, I found this short little recipe. A box of Cherry chip cake and a can of diet 7 up. That’s it. Mix, bake like normal and enjoy. Cut into 12 square, its approximately 150 calories a square. Top it with some fat free whipped cream with less than 10 calories and you’ve got a dessert every bit as good as those 400 calorie desserts. I am thrilled to have my Cherry chip cake back.

You, see dieting, or excuse me Weight Watchers, lifestyle change in eating doesn’t seem to be about what you can eat, its about what you can’t eat. And if you can make a variation of the foods you love, you’ll  get satisfied. So, my mission is to create or find variations of the foods we really like, make them low calorie and not feel like we are dieting.

So far I’ve lost 13 lbs. I’ve not gone hungry at all, and I’m not going to deprive myself of foods that I like. I use My Fitness Pal app religiously, especially when out at restaurants. Its taught me to try different foods out which I normally wouldn’t have and eat healthier.

In closing, I’m going to give you a list of a few other things that I’ve found or that was recommended to me to help me eat and cook with lower calories without giving up taste.

Maple Grove Farms Fat free dressing, Brummel and Brown (butter) made from yogurt, Parkay spray, Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar free syrup, Land O Lakes sugar free whipped cream, Toufayan Smart Pockets, Pampered Chef potato chip/tortilla chip maker, and Healthy Choice Café Steamers.

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