Bealls Removes Bealls Bucks and Discounts

by Cindy on December 18, 2012

I was informed yesterday as I was trying to make a purchase at Bealls Department Store in Hudson, Florida that the Operations Manager has demanded some changes….changes which no one will tell you about except for me.

I laid out my over $100.00 purchase on the counter and handed the lady my 20% off coupon which was sent to me via email. Nowhere on the coupon did it mention any restrictions, in fact it emphasized it was good on all regular and sale priced items. She was fine with that. I then handed her my $10.00 in Bealls bucks which I had received the weekend before that. She then informed that Bealls bucks were not able to use in conjunction with any coupons or discounts.

Wait…just a few weeks ago I used my Bealls bucks with a coupon, or was it Senior Day. I guess it doesn’t matter because as of a month ago, they no longer allow you to use your Bealls bucks with any coupons or discounts, one or the other, even though you have earned those Bealls bucks through previous purchases.

Upon hearing this, I left all the items on her counter and exited the store. I then called the store manager to confirm this. She told me that this rule had indeed gone into effect within the past few weeks. Since I left the Bealls bucks and all on the counter, I cannot either confirm or deny that it now says that on the receipt.

I just know that for now on, I’ll be doing my shopping at Kohl’s. I’ve earned the right to my Senior Day discount and expect my store bucks to be honored then, but at Bealls, that will no longer happen.

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Bealls Removes Bealls Bucks and Discounts, 6.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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Bill Swartwout February 22, 2013 at 10:51 pm

“Penny wise and pound foolish” – I believe is the adage. So they saved themselves a bit – or so they thought. But in your example they had a $100+ purchase abandonded. Literally.

I had a similar situation recently on a cruise. Carnival nabbed an extra ten bucks from me – and I did not spend one more dime on board for the last three days of the cruise.


Valerie Stewart October 29, 2016 at 1:15 am

I have 2 coupons that came in the mail that are good for a few days each, and cannot be combined. Also I had $10 in Beall’s Bucks to be used on a $25 purchase. I went in tonight and chose a top and matching Capri pant by Paradise Bay. The sign said mix and match 2 for $30. When I went to purchase the items I was told I had to either get 2 tops or 2 pants to have it ring up at the sale price. I said that did not make sense to me because customers would want to have a complete outfit. The young lady looked at me like I am stupid or something. I left the clothes and the bucks behind and exited. I don’t like the way the coupons are worded, with the restrictions and short time to use them in. If I went to the store and did not want anything, I still will not want anything when the next coupon is in effect. I will be shopping elsewhere in the future where there is more variety and fewer sales gimmicks.


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