The Political Education Debate 101

by Cindy on September 25, 2012

A couple weeks ago when my grandchildren were starting school, my daughter had a list of supplies that she had to buy. I was shocked to see what was all on that list. 70 pencils, 25 boxes of crayons, flash cards, reams of paper, boxes of tissue, 10 folders and on and on. Never would I have ever imagined such a thing. When I was in school we would have never thought of getting a list of items like that. The only thing we took was book covers made out of paper bags and then drawing pictures on them (my brother did mine, he was a great artist). And even when my own girls were in school there was no such list. Yes, there were pencil cases and some pencils and eraser and ruler, but nothing to the extent my grandchildren had to have.

Schools have undertaken an unbelievable change since I was a student and even when my girls were students. Not just in the supplies department but also in their way of teaching with all the high tech electronics, computers and whiteboards, but the schools themselves. However, is education any better? Are the teachers compensated well enough? Are they given the materials they need to encourage students to learn and help them?

So what lays ahead for our Education system, our future leaders, doctors, and teachers? I guess it all depends on who wins the presidential election.

President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal includes a 2.5% increase for the Department of Education. Mitt Romney would like to cut it by 5% and combine the Dept of Education with another agency making it significantly smaller.
President Obama’s stimulus package included $100billion for education along with saving 300,000 jobs. Funding was also applied to the Race To The Top which promoted school turnarounds, better teacher evaluations and charter schools. Mitt Romney advocates more private sector schools and more school choice.

Below is a really interesting video from a teacher that thought she was going to be given the opportunity to really sit down and speak with Mitt Romney. She was pretty excited about the prospect that he actually had an interest in helping the education system. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go down that way.

If you are a teacher, and you vote for Mitt Romney, you have given up your right to complain about the education system as it is, because it will be due to people like you that help to put him in office doing further damage to our already damaged education system and even if he doesn’t make it into office, your lack of support for the President and what he is doing to help education negates any real concern you claim to have.

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