First Data Not What They Seem (Updated)

by Cindy on September 4, 2012

I’m not a fan of big corporations because I feel like they just take advantage of people. They lack a huge amount of compassion for the real working people. They sit up there in their big offices and take advantage of their positions. Never has this been more true than the story that you are about to read. I’ve posted a link to an unbelievable story, but its all true. I’ve lived it all along with this poor family and watched it break them down. How pathetic is First Data, their President and Attorneys to let something like this happen. Here is a link to the blog:

Since First Data has completed their investigation, or what they say was their investigation, here is the real response to their lack of investigating. We care about our employees and we treat them fairly, so we immediately assembled a team to work with Mike and the blogger to uncover the truth. We conducted a thorough investigation
They never once contacted Mike after an initial phone call with Jeff who was working with the attorney there, not with the security investigation team.

Mike has never been employed by First Data and has never performed any work for First Data. He has not produced any documentation or evidence to the contrary. Despite claiming to have worked for First Data for several weeks, he has not produced a single document or email to substantiate the claim.
Under the impression of being employed by First Data Mike did a webinar at a bank with First Data information provided to him by Kyle (the name of the guy that hired him from First Data). Mike did forward emails and text messages from Kyle to Jeff at First Data.

Mike was first contacted by a recruiter in July, who scheduled a follow-up interview with someone named Kyle Santor. No First Data recruiter has ever spoken to Mike, and nobody by the name Kyle Santor has ever worked for First Data. This is not true. Mike was contacted directly by Kyle Santor representing himself as a First Data employee. He had Mikes resume and wanted to meet with him in Florida. They had a face to face meeting at the Tampa Airport Marriott. There were also several phone interviews to follow over the span of several weeks before hiring Mike.

The story describes an interview with the president of First Data North America, who does not interview potential first-level sales representatives. He has not spoken to Mike, and appointment records support this fact. This is true, however, we now know that there was a second person involved who was not the president of the company.

Following successful screenings, a date is set for the new employee to participate in a regular orientation session For weeks Mike was told by Kyle that they were flying him up to Atlanta for this training. Kyle did however come to Florida once again to do a training seminar with Mike where the material he used was all branded as First Data, and he was even taught how to do a webinar with First Data material.

In the course of the investigation, the blogger and her brother-in-law provided us with phone and fax numbers that allegedly belonged to Kyle Santor. These numbers are not in service, and the numbers were not registered to First Data. True, however, in our investigation, these numbers were based out of the Atlanta area. The Fax number provided for Mike to fax his personal information though is still in service but First Data has failed to investigate where that is going.

The financial institutions that Mike said he contacted to sell our services are already our customers and have had a designated relationship manager for many years.
Absolutely false claim, in fact, it took me about 3 minutes of calling the bank to determine that they are not with First Data, instead, they are with Sterling payment.

As incredulous as this all seems, I have witnessed Kyle calling Mike. I have been there through conversations, talked with Mike (when he thought he was employed by First Data) and saw his excitement about working with this company. Mikes wife answered phone calls from Kyle also. Mike has pages and pages of his documentation of talking with banks to get First Data in to them, First Data has never asked for this information.

In conclusion here are our findings:
Because First Data has so many white labeled companies that represent them, they really aren’t familiar with everyone that represents their company. At one point we were even told by First Data that they felt like the misrepresentation by Kyle could have meant he was a disgruntled employee. They also admitted to having Mikes resume on file, several times, which would make sense since he applied to the white labeled companies also. Kyle had requested Mikes bank contact list pretty early on in this charade. It is possible that he was just trying to get inside bank contacts, but even to us, this seems a little extreme. He did get all of Mikes financial information and perhaps he thought there was some money there to steal, and soon after finding there was none, the charade was dropped. We really can’t pin point it. However, somehow someone intercepted his resume that was sent to First Data, either at one of their “other” office or Atlanta office. As much as First Data can say what their hiring policies are, Mike would not have known them. If I were First Data I’d refute all this too, they don’t want to think there was some sort of security breach in one of their offices which could have led to someone getting Mikes resume. They don’t want to believe a former employee would have done this. Mike has nothing to gain from this, in fact, he didn’t want us to even let anyone know because he feels so duped, and quite frankly, stupid about it all. We know there are employment scams out there, but until your family becomes a victim of it, and you sit and watch what it does to them, you really don’t know the full impact. Now, it could also be a matter of theft identity.

If First Data truly believes that this was a scam of which no employee or former employee was involved in then why aren’t they diligently looking for a person or persons that are impersonating them. If you are in doubt about the reputation of First Data just Google it and see what I’ve seen, from ripoff reports to First Data complaints.

To be clear, we are not looking for money from First Data nor are we saying they owe it, we just want anyone else out there that may be scammed by this to be alerted since First Data continuously runs ads on Monster. We also feel like First Data ran this investigation in a way that insinuated that for some reason Mike completely made this story up.

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