Senior Discount Secrets at Restaurants and Stores

by Cindy on January 13, 2011

There really isn’t that much to look forward to getting old. Really, the golden years are really not so golden, maybe more of a tarnished silver. But, it certainly beats the alternative. So, I’ve had to look for something that makes this getting old thing worth it, and I’ve found it. Senior Discounts. Yep, that’s right, not the AARP type (which are really good) but the other ones that your local stores and restaurants have to offer that you’re probably aren’t even aware of. Many places don’t advertise that they have Senior Discounts; you have to ask for them. Others make a big deal of it, and often have it displayed largely on their store fronts, you know, so we old folks can actually see it.

In Florida, Bealls is one of my favorite Senior Discount stores. On Mondays, Bealls outlet stores have 15% discount on everything for over 50 year olds. Their Department stores run a Wednesday/Thursday 15% discount quite often. I’m pretty sure that even when they aren’t advertising that they will still give it you on a Wednesday if you ask. Ross has theirs on Tuesdays, and its 10%, and you have to ask, or rather insist. I don’t find them to be quite as eager to give you the discount as some other stores. Kohl’s has their Senior Discount at only certain times, whatever age they feel like putting on it, and does not apply to items that already get some special discounts, so it’s not nearly as good as other department stores. TJ Maxx use to have their on Wednesday, but I think it has been changed to Mondays, probably to become more competitive with Bealls, however, theirs is 55 and older.

Like many chain stores,  some local restaurants also have a senior discount. Restaurants like Denny’s, Bob Evans and Perkins have special menus for their seniors which really are a great deal. At Perkins their senior breakfasts are a great deal and plenty of food to eat. But, a lot of the fast food chain places also have a senior discount, it’s just not advertised. Wendy’s offers one daily, as does Dunkin Donuts, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, Captain D’s, Fuddruckers, Long John Silver’s and Krispy Kreme. Some offer special prices on coffee, like McDonalds, Burger King and Hardees, Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A give free drinks to seniors. Applebee’s has a senior discount card called the Golden Apple card for those over 55. Sweet Tomatoes offers a 10% discount to those over 60. Golden Corral also offers a senior discount. You have to request your discounts when you order.

Other places that often give discounts are movie theatres and bowling alleys. Normally the age for those discounts is 62. I’ve even been told some grocery stores like Kroger’s has a 5% discount on Tuesdays, but since I don’t have one in the area; I have not been able to confirm that. Many auto repair shops also give senior discounts, normally the mom and pop ones.

Hey, just like those that have served in the military deserving their military discounts, we’ve earned ours. Ok, well, maybe not quite, but since we’ve helped pave the way for these kids that are checking us out, we deserve our discounts too. It never hurts to ask in any restaurant or store if they do have a Senior discount, so my suggestion is that any time you are checking out, just ask, all they can say is no. And just because it may only be 10%, it adds up. Take that 10%, put it in a jar when you get home and see how quickly it grows….then you can actually afford to buy a nice meal at a fine dining restaurant.

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