Clearly you can see that I have not written a blog in a long time. Between work demands, home, children, pets, my rescue and volunteer work I have been kept busy 30 hours a day. But the recent incidence where Ray Rice knocked his fiancé unconscious and dragged her sagging body from an elevator has raised my blood pressure to an all new high since the killings and torture of so many dogs at the hands of yet another NFL player, Michael Vick.

I’ve volunteered in battered shelters and spent endless hours in them myself. I know that it doesn’t stop with just one beating and the feeble I’m sorry words uttered are less of an apology and more of stay of execution until next time.

As a female and avid NFL fan, I can truly say that I am appalled at the lackadaisical attitude that Roger Goodell, John Harbaugh and even Mr. Birch, the NFL’s Senior Vice President of Labor Policy and Government Affairs. Yes, it’s the good ole boys club here. Give a slap on the hand and wink and a nod to Ray Rice because obviously it’s off season and no one is really paying attention and its not a big deal cause he was probably putting the little lady in her place for smacking him first. And with the NFL, tomorrow he’ll be old news because some player at camp will have tested positive for some drugs or got into a shoving match with some guy in the bar.

Well, guess what, the 40% of the NFL fans which are women are paying attention. We find it appalling that you would give a woman beater a 2 game suspension and costing him a mere $470,000., pocket change for him.

And come October the NFL will proudly be displaying their pink ribbons on their hats and pink shoes and pink towels to show their support for women and breast cancer.

Seriously, you think we are all so stupid we are going to fall for that?  Roger Goodell and the NFL, you have just shown your true colors, and they aren’t pink. This is the kind of man that young boys look up to, young girls look up to, and you just reinforced that physical abuse against a women isn’t that big of a deal, that smoking a joint or taking some stupid steroid is a lot more serious then knocking a women unconscious.

Of course, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised given your lack of concern advocating a dog killer and abuser by allowing him to even return to the NFL.

Maybe Hernandez will get lucky and get out of jail and you can make him the poster boy for the NFL.

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